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Organization of the Future 2012 & 2016

Policing can no longer afford to see itself as a monolithic, standalone authority. Partnerships (co-production) will become the prevailing business model.
Core Statement 3 ~ 2012
In the spirit of co-production, police organizations should adopt internal and external processes that give operational weight to the concepts of greater openness and shared responsibility.
Core Statement 3 ~ 2016 Update

Institutions from journalism to medicine are re-organizing their core businesses to meet the demands of the 21st century. The Organization of the Future papers on this site describes the organizational challenges involved in moving toward a co-produced public safety business model.

In Core Statement 4, we offer a cautionary note about technology. Demands for more transparent and open proceedings have led to the introduction of a range of surveillance technologies as “solutions” for (greater) accountability. The efficacy of such technologies is scant. Technology is a tool, not a strategy for organizational or cultural change.

Nevertheless, technology is a major driver in defining how organizations today carry out their public missions. Police leaders would be well advised to consider some technological solutions even more than they do currently (e.g., smart guns, traffic calming, more-secure credit cards).

In addition, individuals armed with mobile devices at the ready unbalance police-public interaction. Today’s and tomorrow’s police leader must understand technology and integrate it organizationally and operationally.

The strategic shift from a primary focus on crime control to a broader focus on community safety will continue and likely accelerate.
Core Statement 4 ~ 2012
The shift continues but whether it is accelerating is unclear. The digital age must be embraced but investments in technology should not outstrip discussions of its benefits and limitations in creating and sustaining safe communities.
Core Statement 4 ~ 2016 Update


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