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World of the Future 2012 & 2016

The “age of austerity” is causing major re-structuring of institutions. Policing cannot expect to be immune.
Core Statement 1 ~ 2012
Today institutional governance in general is challenged from many directions and policing is not immune. Its leaders are challenged to position policing amidst broad public questions about legitimacy, authority, and accountability.
Core Statement 1 ~ 2016 Update

The world has become a tougher place since we developed our Core Statements 2012. Public disenchantment with longstanding institutions has increased dramatically - all the way to our political institutions. Headline failures of state and local governance affect community safety and health.

In policing, high profile events of the last few years have catapulted police violence and perceived lack of accountability onto the national stage as public safety issues for our time.

What happens as the century proceeds will depend greatly on what police leaders do – how they shape their institution’s internal and external response. Public safety is a core component of democracy. Adopting a defensive or heads-down “this too shall pass” response will very likely diminish the public value of policing. As many police leaders themselves have said, there is hard work ahead.

In an environment of constrained resources, tension may develop between the public’s expectations and policing’s ability to meet those expectations.
Core Statement 2~ 2012
Increased tensions have widened the expectation gap. The central breach is in those communities where police and minority groups face each other across a divide of violence and misunderstanding that both sides must work to fix.
Core Statement 2 ~ 2016 Update

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